I am a licensed psychologist, specialist in clinical psychology, and licensed psychotherapist. I am also a supervisor in psychotherapy, with focus on cognitive behavioural therapy, CBT, as well as a trained mindfulness instructor (MBSR / MBCT).

I have more than 25 years of experience as a clinical psychologist, and have practiced in an extensive field including student (health) counselling services and child and adolescent psychiatry. In the latest years, I have specialised in working with youth and young adults, but I also work with and have experience with patients of all ages.

I also have international experience as a psychologist from working at  international schools (in Switzerland) for several years. I have a vast experience of psychological counselling and psychotherapeutic treatment in English. I am especially sensitive to problems related to cultural adaptation and cultural aspects of mental health conditions.

In addition to psychological counselling and therapy, I work extensively with supervision, for licensed health professionals as well as psychologists in training.